Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am getting more and more interested in affiliate marketing. I think affiliate marketing is not easy as making money online with blogging. I think my interest in affiliate marketing can actually motivate me to learn more about affiliate marketing.
I was checking out On that site I found some great information about making money online with affiliate marketing.

I red about free methods to drive traffic to your affiliate website such as article marketing. I think it takes a lots of time to write quality articles and to submit them to article directories. The most effective method is I think Pay-Per-Click advertising. This way you can drive huge amount of traffic to your affiliate website.

I am still learning about the PPC advertising method, because it takes quite some knowledge to get started with PPC advertising. If you want to get started with affiliate marketing, you should do some research before setting up a PPC advertising campaign. If you are starting a PPC campaign to promote your affiliate website, then you should find out how the product conversion is. At affiliate network sites you can find out about the product conversion. I think you get more targeted traffic with PPC adverting. Please leave a comment, if you have experience with Article marketing.

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