Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Don´t you love the fact that technology is advancing fast. Since 1997 we have access to the Internet. I think it is great that humans are able to create advanced gadgets. I have no technical background or knowledge, but technology is like magic to me. Taking a photo has became a everyday thing, but to me it is amazing. I think it is great to capture a moment and keep it framed.

There are so much form of frames. Wooden frames, steel frames, plastic frames and bling bling frames. I can say without a doubt no frame can measure up aginst the digital photo frame How it works is simple. You take a picture and insert the memorycard into the digital photo frame. With the remote you can choose your favourite slideshow. It is also possible to play music in the background.

. This site is called Digitalframez.com.au. This site offers several types of digital frames. If you want a aluminium coated digital photo frame or a digital picture frame of 9,4 inch LCD display, then you can find it on this site.


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