Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We all know how important the Google page rank is. Technorati is one of them. I think Alexa ranking is very important too if you want to make money online. For example if you are making money online with blogging, it is very important to have a high Alexa ranking to get better paying opportunities.

What is the Alexa ranking?

Alexa ranking is a system, based on the traffic level. This is measured by counting the amount of visitors, who surfs with the Alexa toolbar to a website.

If you put an Alexa widget on your site, which displays your Alexa ranking. It can increase your Alexa ranking. If you already have a site with lots of traffic, but your site is not in top 100k. When you go to Alexa.com and search for your traffic status, you have a big chance that it would not show your Alexa ranking. Once you put the Alexa widget on your site or blog, this widget will display the ranking of your blog. Since few days I placed it on my blog. I must say I see some increasing Alexa rankings.

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