Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I never doubted a moment about the fact it is possible to make money online with blogging. When you type the word 'make money online' into Google you see the adwords ads on the right of the Google. The most ads are saying make $100.000.00 a month. In the beginning, these ads gave me the wrong idea about making online. I was sceptical about making a that type of money online.

When I started to read more about making money online with blogging. I was sure this is possible. I knew that this can not be some bull crap. I made my first 100 USD with a Danish review site called. Bloggerwave.com
Within my first month I made this money. I was looking forward to get my blog approved by Payperpost. This site made me the most money. This month a alone this site made me 250 USD. That is not the only review site that makes me money. There is a site called Smorty.com this site made me around 100 USD this month. I am happy with my online earnings. I expect it will grow by the next Google page rank update.

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