Monday, November 12, 2007


It is important to have backlinks.This will help your blog to be found by the search engine spiders. Few months ago I was all backlink focused, till I started neglecting the content. I learned from Darren Rowse of Problogger, that you should focus on content, before anything else. I was getting so focused with backlinks, that I checked everyday how much backlinks I got.

I simply knew that more backlinks means, better search engine rankings. I think it is important to write good content, but it is also important to do some S.E.O. To get high search engine, because this means more traffic. As we all know, when your traffic will increase, then your online income will increase.

To get back to the story of search engine spiders, the most important thing is to get backlinks. More links you get from important sites, which is according to the spider, more higher your blog will rank in the search engines. The spiders are not stupid, they can make the difference between valuable links and less valuable links.
To get high page rank links to your site you can comment on blogs with a high page rank. You can submit your blog to blog directories, social bookmark your blog and submit your quality post to article directories. So more backlinks you have to your more often spiders will crawl your blog. This way you increase your page rank. The spiders will reflect the importance of your blog by giving a page rank.

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