Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I red this blog awhile ago. I was amazed and happy too. I red that a blogger already after 19 months was making $ 1000 a day with blogging. I was amazed. I never thought it is possible to make that much money with blogging. I always thought that the big money is where the affiliate marketing is at.

This blogger started making $4 a day when he started out. After 19 months he was making $ 1000 a day, that is about $ 30000 a month. I think this is hard work. You can not make that much if you do no blog full time. Few months ago I also red that the famous A-list blogger called Yaro Stark was making around $ 8000 a month, which is great.

I have a long way to go. After 7 months I see results. I am out for progression. I am making money online, online money making right now is a hobby/part time activity. I see the my blogging future can be bright. If you also want to make money blogging. I would go for it. Time and effort is the biggest investment if you want to make money online with blogging. You too can make a nice additional income online with blogging.

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