Saturday, November 10, 2007


Are you looking for an additional income online? If so, there are lots of money making methods online. For example affiliate marketing, doing surveys and blogging.
My favourite online money making method is blogging. I love to write. I think sharing my thoughts can eventually be a contribution to the people, who also want to make money online.It is fun to get paid for the things you love to do.

If you are a blogger you can get paid to blog. There are sites that pays you to write reviews of products, services or websites. You will be asked to write a opinion about products, services or websites. This site called is one of those get-paid-to-blog sites. This is a great site. I love working for this site. Your posts get approved quickly, they pay you every 2 weeks. The advertisers, who want to advertise on blogs can contact They will find a blogger, who will write a review and the advertiser can advertise on blogs. If you are a blogger, with You can blog for money.

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