Saturday, December 1, 2007


Since a month ago I have been getting plenty of opportunities from Payperpost to write on one of my blogs. This is great. I have been working hard to get this online money. Most of all I have fun. I wonder if I jeopardize my traffic having a lot of sponsored posts on my blog?
I can not afford to say no to those PayPerPost opportunities.

I hope writing sponsored post does not decrease my traffic. Since a month I have been doing good. I think this month the income will increase further. I am glad that I have plenty of choice when it comes to picking opportunities. Although my daily traffic is low I manage to do good.

I got to get more traffic. I hope that visitors will come to my site, although I write sponsored post. I got to focus on long term income. I did not read anywhere, about lowing the traffic, because of the sponsored posts. Please leave a comment, if you think that sponsored post can harm the blog traffic. I see that all the big names in the blogging game make money with displaying banner ads. I hope to grow to the level to display banner ads and make money as a publisher.

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