Monday, December 3, 2007


We all know it is pretty easy to set up a blog. I do not have to tell you that.
If you want to become financially free and want to make a full time living, then traffic is the most important thing. I found it kind of hard to get traffic.
Since I found out about the several methods, I found out that social bookmarking is one of the easiest method there is. If you want to get traffic you got to be noticed by the search engines like Google.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking keeping all your favourite sites listed. Because there are a lots of sites on the web. You can on store all the links of your favourite sites on one website. People use to keep their favourite website listed under 'favourite' button. Now you can keep these sites on a page of a social book marking site.

Does social bookmarking cost me money?

It does not have to cost you money. There are lots of software on the market you can buy to automate the process of social bookmarking. It is not cheap those software. I love to share this site with you that offers a service that makes the social bookmarking process easy and quick. Most of all it is free. This site is called I love this site. The only time you got to spend is to sign up for all the social bookmarking websites, which are featured on the Once you have signed up you can social bookmark any website you want with one click.

How do I get traffic with social bookmarking?

Once you submit the link of your blog into social bookmarking sites. It will be seen by the other visitors of the social bookmarking website. They will come to your site. Submitting links into social bookmarking websites can get you ranked higher in the search engines. More links you have from high ranked websites, which point to your website more important your site will be according to Google.

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