Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I got to share this with you. If you are looking for an additional income online, then please pay attention. I have been trying to make money online since this April. I am getting hang of it. I am making pretty nice additional income. I feel the strong desire that I am long away from getting the bread I want.

Anyway lately I am in a experimental mood like Dr. Bruce Banner. I am trying not to rely on one source of online income. So, I found out about making money online with affiliate marketing on forums. It is pretty simple to make money on forums. You got to market your affiliate product to the forum members. First of all you got to sign up for accounts at forums. Once you have signed up. You got to create a signature with a link of your affiliate product. Every time you post, the link of your affiliate product will appear under the post as your signature. Once the visitors click on your signature, it will take the visitor to the sales page.

Make your signature catchy.

Let's say you are selling 7 dollar e-books on making money online. You got to make a catchy signature. For example 'MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH ONLY 7 USD INVESTMENT'
or '7 DOLLAR MONEY MACHINE' or 'PERSONAL ATM FOR $7'. Try to make the visitor curious and get the visitor to click on your signature. If you post about 25 posts each day for a month. You can see the results.

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