Thursday, December 27, 2007


I was so excited, when I downloaded the Hypervre free version. I was having a good feeling about this software. After I made the highest amount ever with this blog with AdSense this month, I thought if I have a site up and running made with Hypervre, Adsense money will come flooding into my AdSense account. I still believe it is possible to make big money with AdSense.

Once I downloaded the Hypervre. I made a site and uploaded it, it did not appear on the web, because I did not do the job well. Anyway I deleted all the files from the server. I started to make an other site with Hypervre. This time Hypervre did not work properly. I downloaded the free version of the Hypervre once again. It displays a run time error. This really bugged me out. I really want to explore the free version of Hypervre, before I upgraded to the gold version. I thought there is something wrong with my computer, so I downloaded Hypervre on my sisters computer. Once again it showed the same run time error.

I was checking out on the web for free AdSense site builders. I could not find any. I really want to explore the free version, before buying the full version. I really believe in this product called Hypervre. I rather buy Hypervre gold version after getting to know the free version, then buying a cheaper AdSense site builder. I am going to contact the people at Hypervre about this run time error.


wishbone said...

same problem happening to me , so how was the feedback from HYPERVRE helpdesk??

meangreen said...

I have not heard from them yet. Thanks for the comment.

promote said...

I had the same issue and fixed it just by applying the principle of RTM. In the manual it states that you cannot publish the site into the same folder as you have saved the HyperVRE file. Don't use a subfolder of this folder either (like I did). Once I did this, the free version works perfectly. See for the results.