Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I red a lot about getting traffic. I found some methods interesting others I find not that interesting. I tried almost every traffic generating method except PPC (pay-per-click). I did not tried PPC yet because I can not afford an advertising budget above 30 USD a month. I think it is all about traffic if you want to make a living out of blogging. I red some blog authors wrote about that it is possible to make money around 400 USD a month with blogging even with low traffic, which is true. Once you have reached this level of traffic and earnings. It is quite natural you get hungry for more.


If you hungry for more. You can try all the traffic generating methods and pick the ones, which generate the most traffic. There is a free traffic generating method. It is commenting on other blogs. Commenting on the most famous blogs are the best way to get traffic with commenting. What I like about commenting is you can get involved in the blogging community. You can tell the author of the blog about, what you think of his ideas and his opinions. The interaction between the bloggers will stimulate to come up with new insights.


What I found out was, when I was reading a blog. I was more likely to click on a comment, which is different than all the other comments. You might think "if I say something nice I will get a backlink". I agree, but you can get traffic to your blog by coming up with original comments. People will wonder, "who is that leaving a quality comment?". In the beginning. I was more like to leave comments like "Thanks for sharing, Great post". This type of comments does not add much value. If you can say, what you like about the post, the author will post your comment much quicker. So leave a comment and get traffic.


Pete Gates said...

Have you heard the recent rumors of how Jo Han Mok, the #1 selling author of 'The E-Code' and his partner, known as Pill Gates generated over $18,000,000?

It's not a typo. That's a whopping 18
million dollars!

I mean, look at their Swiss bank account...

Ruth Robins said...

Can you explain about the traffic...I heard that...but i don't have a good vision on please help..and what kind of comments create the traffic

meangreen said...

Thank for the comment Ruth. What I mean is, when you leave a comment be sure you sure make clear, what you think of the post and why you think the post is good or bad. If your comments stand out from the other comments, visitors will be curious about your blog. Have a nice day!!!!