Monday, December 17, 2007


Are you looking for a way to make money online? If you like writing, then blogging is way to go. I have been writing lyrics since 1994. I love writing, awhile ago I thought maybe I can make money with writing. Writing an online money making blog is actually like some sort of poetry. I am passionate about the subject. If you have a topic, where you are passionate about then you might want to consider starting a blog. If you start a blog you can make money by writing reviews.


I was sceptic about making money online, but not with blogging. I knew that making money online with blogging was not a myth. I dug into lots of blogs one of them was Darren Rowse wrote about all the main aspects you got to deal with to make money online with blogging. It was pretty realistic amounts you could earn with blogging. I was actually looking for an additional income. I was working part time so I thought blogging can compensate this.


Once you have your own blog you can write reviews about websites, products or services. There are get-paid-to-blog sites, which will pay you to write reviews. One of my favourite review sites is This site offers great opportunities. This month I made more than 150 USD with this site. They have high paying opportunities. Once your blog is 60 days old and you have updated it regularly, then you can have your blog approved to write reviews. It must not contain no hate or adult content. This is only one review site. There are more.

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