Thursday, December 20, 2007


I am glad to share this with you. This month I made the highest earnings with AdSense. If you still do not display any AdSense ads on your site or blog then you are leaving some dough on the table. The great thing about AdSense is that it makes money on auto pilot. You got to get traffic to your blog to make money with AdSense.

I recently started a blog in a niche, which has high paying keywords. I got to say I was quite confident about making money with AdSense from this blog. It a got few nice clicks, but this is not much as amount of clicks this blog gets. This blog does not have much high paying AdSense click though. This blog has more original content and this blog gets organic traffic. My other blog is a autoblog. I bookmarked this blog a few times. That generated some visitors and generated those clicks.

I think buying targeted traffic does not generated any clicks. I am pretty sure about this, because since I bought targeted traffic. I did not bookmark the auto blog and there have been no clicks generated. Maybe it is too early for me too jump into conclusions about generating clicks with bought targeted traffic. This autoblog got about 150 visitors in 2 days. The average clicks the autoblog got with social bookmarking was 1 click per 100 visitors. I am going to submit this blog you are reading right now into 800 search engines. I can make a comparison between this blog and the auto. This will give me a idea, which traffic method is the best to generate AdSense clicks.

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