Thursday, December 6, 2007


In April 2007 when I started this blog my main intentions were to make money with blogging. I was so sure that blogging is going to bring me some nice additional income. It does. Where I really sceptic about was making money with AdSense. I took some time to find out more about making money online with AdSense. I can say that it is rewarding. I did not learned much about making money online with AdSense, but I learned about the basic steps.

If you want to make money online with AdSense you got to find out about the highest paying keywords. If you want to set up a site, you got to monetize your site with keyword rich content. There are lots of sites, which offer free AdSense keyword lists. Just Google the word 'Free AdSense keywords' you will find a list of free AdSense keywords.

A week ago I set up a site, I did not much S.E.O, but it I picked a niche, which has high paying AdSense clicks. I got my first click. This click is worth $1,25. This is one of the lowest paying clicks in this niche. The niche I chose get clicks worth $30,00. That is the worth of the highest paying clicks. If you want to make money online. I would learn the basics of making money online with AdSense. After that you can learn the details to make more. If you want to learn how to make money with AdSense go to AdSense School


Gerri said...

Its good to see someone who likes adsense like that and has it working for them that well. I guess its all about setting up a site that gets ads that payout that high. Any chance of you letting me know what sort of niche it is? Stop by my site and contact me via the Contact Me link. Maybe we could do a ling exchange as well?

meangreen said...

Hi Gerri, thank for the comment. I can not get to your website. please leave your website in a comment I, then I will give you the niche.

Gerri said...

You can stop by this blog:
Show Me The Money

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.