Saturday, August 18, 2007


I was just browsing, I came across a forum, one of the members has created a free directory submitting software and it is non reciprocal. The last one is very important I think, because this way you get one way links. Having more links pointing toward your website means, more link popularity and higher page rank from Google.

I know for sure that getting links that points toward your blog or site is so important. This software is offers more than 1400 search engines you can submit your blog to. This software contains directories just one month old and non-reciprocal free directories. It also contains a list of paid directories.That is not the only list the software it also gives you a list of niche directories.

This is almost too good to be true, believe me it is true that it is free. This is a great free tool to boost your traffic. I really like this software. I am so focused on getting back links that I have submitted to several high ranked search engines. Go to SUBMIT HELPER

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