Thursday, August 16, 2007


If you are new to making money online then you know that there are several opportunities which you can make some extra green. For everyone who don't know nothing about making money online. I can give you some opportunities to start making a buck.

The most famous online money maker is affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing that is that you get a cut if you sell a product of someone Else. This also called commission.The most famous online market place for affiliate marketers is the Clickbank. At this site you can open an account and you get a unique referral code of the product you like to sell.

Personally I am very interested in affiliate marketing, but I prefer blogging to make money online. Why I prefer blogging is if you want to start with affiliate marketing you need some money to invest. Unlike blogging, you can start a blog for free at Blogger. Then you can sign up for free at get paid to blog sites such as BLOGGERWAVE and PAY PER POST.COM
With blogging I am going to make some money to invest in other online money making projects. I think blogging is great.


WizCoder said...

What online money making project do you have in mind?

meangreen said...

actually a dating site, adsene site and affiliate marketing site.
First I got to stack some chips to invest. This I am going to accomplish with blogging.