Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It a huge amount I missed today at Pay Per Post. Today I logged in at Pay Per Post, there was a opportunity which was qualified, but it was already been reserved by all the Posties. Man this is a real wonderful chance to boost my blogging earnings.

I think it is crucial to check out the opportunities at Pay Per Post. I think this is the greatest get-paid-to-blog site. I have now made about 65 USD this month only with Pay Per Post. This site offers me real a good deal of assignments, that even with out any PR. This blog is PR 1, but this blog is not approved for PPP.

My other blog RAP WITH AN ATTITUDE got approved for PPP market place. I am happy that at least one of my blogs approved for the PPP market place. I am working on to get the page rank higher of my blog Rap with an attitude
I hope I will get more opportunities soon at PPP.

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