Monday, August 27, 2007


I was recently looking for free software to get more backlinks. I am now really focusing on getting backlinks, this is so important, because getting backlinks means more traffic and specially higher rankings. I am getting more fascinated by s.e.o.
I think I kind of underestimated the importance of backlinks.

Few weeks ago I downloaded few free social bookmarking software. This is one of my first steps towards backlinks. I think getting backlinks can be quite easy.But it is quite time consuming. If you have a marketing budget then you can outsource your s.e.o task to a freelancer. In my case it is not possible yet.

Anyway, search engines and social bookmarking is not the only way to get backlinks.
You can get backlinks by submitting articles to a article directory. I found this free software it can be time saving to submit your articles to 84 differant article directories. To get your free article submitter click here

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