Sunday, August 19, 2007


I advise you not to buy any software, because you have a big chance to get it for free online. I have been searching along the web for all the free sites that offer free software. The results were amazing. Most famous site to get free software is DOWNLOAD.COM There is another site called TUCOWS.COM these sites offer a lot of free software.

I found these site when I was searching along for free directory submitting software. I found a few free directory submitting software. I am very thankful towards these sites. I have been submitting a lot, this blog is finally PR 1. I am happy.
I just got to know how important getting backlinks is.

I got to get to the point here. These two sites I mentioned above is not quite impressive as SOFTPLATZ.COM this site got so much freeware, that you don't have to spend a dime on any software. There are more than 6000 items featured on this site. So do not be shy to download all those freeware you need. Knock your self out. Good luck.


productman said...

Do a Google search and you can find almost any software free,or at least a trial.
John McCall

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