Thursday, August 23, 2007


I knew it is easy to set up a blog and update it regularly. It is not easy to get traffic. I got to admit I thought in the beginning of my blogging 'career' that it would be easy to get traffic. I was wrong. I learned that it takes time to get some reasonable amount of traffic. I am doing my best to get more traffic. I submit this site to several search engines. The most traffic I got is from blog directories.

Recently I experience that I get more traffic since I submit this blog to social bookmarking sites. I wonder why my Adsense earnings are not increasing? Although it is more than last month.

It is real important to get more traffic, more traffic means higher rankings, that means if you blog for money you can get better paying opportunities. More traffic also means that your Adsense earnings will grow. If you have a high ranked blog or site you can sell links.

Best traffic methods are :
1] pinging when your blog is updated.
Famous ping service are PINGOAT.COM and PINGOMATIC.COM

2] Buying traffic, I recently bought 1000 visitors for $2,99 for another blog.

3] Submitting you blog to search engines and blog directories. This can be real
time consuming.

4] Social bookmarking

These are the methods I have experience with. I got to explore more. It will come in due time.

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