Friday, August 17, 2007


I found this great blog. This is not just a blog, this blog is special, because this blog keep you constanlty up-to-date with reviews. This blog reviews various things such as blog monotizing, internet marketing, web technology and much more.

why is this blog unique, at this blog you can vote for blogs and a back link, this way you boost your rankings. The blog author is Spud Oregon.
this is how it works go to NICE4RICE and give your vote to get a back link.

Once you had read the review you will be asked to give rice. This way Spud asks you to vote for the post. Once you have voted. you can fill out the form with your URL. this will be posted so that you can get a back link. This is really cool. I know where I am going surf to. I am going to give a lot of rice.


Anonymous said...

I'm surfing on u blog,look great,
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Spud Oregon said...

Thanks for the mention! It's fun, sn't it! :)

meangreen said...

thank you for visiting