Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You all know how important traffic is. Without any traffic you would not be making any money with your blog or website. As I learn more about getting money online, I am getting more familiar with methods to generate more traffic. I have been submitting this blog to quite a lot search engines. The results are remarkable.

Social bookmarking is a great method to get more traffic. This method is getting famous rapidly. Social bookmarking is actually sharing your favourite blogs and sites with your friends at a social bookmarking site. You can create a free account at most of the bookmarking site.

Social bookmarking can be real important if your blog or site want to rank higher in the search engines.
With social bookmarking you can get backlinks. You get these backlinks through bookmarking your blog post on these sites. More backlinks mean that you will rank higher. Google is giving every blog or site a mark from 1 to 10. How higher your rank get, more important your blog or site is for Google. The most famous social bookmarking site is DIGG.COM

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