Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am happy, you know why? this blog got a Google page rank of 1 out of ten. I was constanly wondering how I am going to make money without any page rank. I submitted this blog to free blog directories and search engines.The most posts I red about PR is about buying links from sites with a high PR. I red a blog post today, the author was recommending readers to submit to high PR diectories for a fee, the prices went up in $200 per year.

I think this is so rediculous, because most of the bloggers do not have that kind of start up money. I think you should try to get into free directories and search engines. There are enough free software on the web available you can download to submit your site for free to the search engines. I have not spend one dime to get PR 1.

If you have couple of bucks to invest in search engine optimization you can try. I think after you made 150 bucks you can use a bit by bit to buy links or what ever.
If you want a free website submitter software go to WEBCEO

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