Friday, August 31, 2007


You all know how important traffic is. There are actually high traffic sites, but they do not make any money. If you have a high traffic site you should monetize it with Google Adsense. What is Google Adense, Google Adsense is a ad programme.The webmasters are paying Google to place their ads on the left side and the top of the serach engine of Google. Google charge the webmasters per click. The webmasters got to pay a higher amount to get listed on the 1st page than the 2nd one.

Lets say you have a website about BMW cars. It is filled with good content. Make sure your site has original content, because copied sites will be rejected. Then you can go to Adsense set up an account,then you can apply for matching ads for your website to display.

Google will review your website and within 2 days they will inform you if your site is approved or rejected for Google Adsense. It is not easy making money with adsense, with Adsense it is all about the traffic. If you have a good knowledge of search engine optimization you can make quite some money with Adsense.

The payout limit is $100. It is pretty high.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I wonder what would make more money ,blogging portal or free blogs. I think blogging portals can be lucrative, but this means you got to get a lot of visitors to make some money online. Then you got to split the profit with the blogging portal.
I am not a big fan of these blogging portals. I do not understand that some people are trying to make money at blogging portals. I had a blog at a blogging portal the revenue was really low.

If you ask me I go for free blogs such as and wordpress. Here you can start a free blog and you can monetize your blog with Adsense and other ad links.
With Adsense only you can make twice as more than with blogging portal. With a free blog you do not have to split it with someone else.

If you want to make money with your blog, than is a free blog at or Wordpress whole lot better than blogging portals, because some review sites do not except blogs from blogging portals. If you want to make money with your blog you should not only rely on Adsense revenue. I would go for writing reviews.

Monday, August 27, 2007


I was recently looking for free software to get more backlinks. I am now really focusing on getting backlinks, this is so important, because getting backlinks means more traffic and specially higher rankings. I am getting more fascinated by s.e.o.
I think I kind of underestimated the importance of backlinks.

Few weeks ago I downloaded few free social bookmarking software. This is one of my first steps towards backlinks. I think getting backlinks can be quite easy.But it is quite time consuming. If you have a marketing budget then you can outsource your s.e.o task to a freelancer. In my case it is not possible yet.

Anyway, search engines and social bookmarking is not the only way to get backlinks.
You can get backlinks by submitting articles to a article directory. I found this free software it can be time saving to submit your articles to 84 differant article directories. To get your free article submitter click here

Saturday, August 25, 2007


This is great post by Darren Rowse of Problogger. He explains why the first impression of your blog is so important. The subject 'first impression' is crucial, because this is going to influence your relationship with one and other for the time to come. This goes for when you going to a job interview, the employer will take a closely look at how you dressed, your body language and the tone you are communicating before he is hiring you.

Darren explains how you should impress your first time visitors. He is talking about that you should consider the tone you are writing in. The post's title should attract your visitors to read the first line of your post. And the first line got to be catchy enough to invite the visitor to read the whole post.

I think if you want to readers to return you got to be aware as a blogger how your template looks like. Does the color of your template leave a hot or a cold impression? This will attract certain kind of visitors and will be rejected by others. I think Darren explains it all in 7 minutes.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


I knew it is easy to set up a blog and update it regularly. It is not easy to get traffic. I got to admit I thought in the beginning of my blogging 'career' that it would be easy to get traffic. I was wrong. I learned that it takes time to get some reasonable amount of traffic. I am doing my best to get more traffic. I submit this site to several search engines. The most traffic I got is from blog directories.

Recently I experience that I get more traffic since I submit this blog to social bookmarking sites. I wonder why my Adsense earnings are not increasing? Although it is more than last month.

It is real important to get more traffic, more traffic means higher rankings, that means if you blog for money you can get better paying opportunities. More traffic also means that your Adsense earnings will grow. If you have a high ranked blog or site you can sell links.

Best traffic methods are :
1] pinging when your blog is updated.
Famous ping service are PINGOAT.COM and PINGOMATIC.COM

2] Buying traffic, I recently bought 1000 visitors for $2,99 for another blog.

3] Submitting you blog to search engines and blog directories. This can be real
time consuming.

4] Social bookmarking

These are the methods I have experience with. I got to explore more. It will come in due time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You all know how important traffic is. Without any traffic you would not be making any money with your blog or website. As I learn more about getting money online, I am getting more familiar with methods to generate more traffic. I have been submitting this blog to quite a lot search engines. The results are remarkable.

Social bookmarking is a great method to get more traffic. This method is getting famous rapidly. Social bookmarking is actually sharing your favourite blogs and sites with your friends at a social bookmarking site. You can create a free account at most of the bookmarking site.

Social bookmarking can be real important if your blog or site want to rank higher in the search engines.
With social bookmarking you can get backlinks. You get these backlinks through bookmarking your blog post on these sites. More backlinks mean that you will rank higher. Google is giving every blog or site a mark from 1 to 10. How higher your rank get, more important your blog or site is for Google. The most famous social bookmarking site is DIGG.COM

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I started this blog six months ago, man!!! time is flying when you have fun online Making money while having fun online. I am having fun online and making a little money.
First of all I got to thanks for giving a chance to my couple of weeks(six months ago) old blog the chance to make $130. That was my first money I made online. I was so happy at that time, not because I made that money, pure for the fact that it is possible to make money online.

I knew that there was a lot of money making methods online. I got the feeling that making money blogging is the most easiest method. I was right. I think this is the method which can generate you extra income without less investments.

You might wonder. After six months his blog is still PR 1!!!..... which is not surprising, because I have no any promoting budget for this blog. I am glad that I got PR 1. I achieved this with free traffic methods. I found out about a new site which pays you to blog at one of my favourite blogs, which is SOME USELESS INFO

The author of this blog talks about the new get-paid-to-blog site. It is called BLOG POSTS FOR SALE

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I advise you not to buy any software, because you have a big chance to get it for free online. I have been searching along the web for all the free sites that offer free software. The results were amazing. Most famous site to get free software is DOWNLOAD.COM There is another site called TUCOWS.COM these sites offer a lot of free software.

I found these site when I was searching along for free directory submitting software. I found a few free directory submitting software. I am very thankful towards these sites. I have been submitting a lot, this blog is finally PR 1. I am happy.
I just got to know how important getting backlinks is.

I got to get to the point here. These two sites I mentioned above is not quite impressive as SOFTPLATZ.COM this site got so much freeware, that you don't have to spend a dime on any software. There are more than 6000 items featured on this site. So do not be shy to download all those freeware you need. Knock your self out. Good luck.


You might heard about Adam Dicker, who is known as the great Domain industry ambassador. He is also the owner of the domain forum. Adam Dicker is known for founding High Impact Sites. This website of Adam Dicker offers s.e.o consultation through the phone.

For instant S.E.O backlinks is this the place to be.
For any professional written content for your web site you can got to That is not all what Adam Dicker's company has to offer. If you want to launch a website, you want it done professionally, then you can go to and find out what Adam Dicker can do for you.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007


I was just browsing, I came across a forum, one of the members has created a free directory submitting software and it is non reciprocal. The last one is very important I think, because this way you get one way links. Having more links pointing toward your website means, more link popularity and higher page rank from Google.

I know for sure that getting links that points toward your blog or site is so important. This software is offers more than 1400 search engines you can submit your blog to. This software contains directories just one month old and non-reciprocal free directories. It also contains a list of paid directories.That is not the only list the software it also gives you a list of niche directories.

This is almost too good to be true, believe me it is true that it is free. This is a great free tool to boost your traffic. I really like this software. I am so focused on getting back links that I have submitted to several high ranked search engines. Go to SUBMIT HELPER

Friday, August 17, 2007


I found this great blog. This is not just a blog, this blog is special, because this blog keep you constanlty up-to-date with reviews. This blog reviews various things such as blog monotizing, internet marketing, web technology and much more.

why is this blog unique, at this blog you can vote for blogs and a back link, this way you boost your rankings. The blog author is Spud Oregon.
this is how it works go to NICE4RICE and give your vote to get a back link.

Once you had read the review you will be asked to give rice. This way Spud asks you to vote for the post. Once you have voted. you can fill out the form with your URL. this will be posted so that you can get a back link. This is really cool. I know where I am going surf to. I am going to give a lot of rice.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


If you are new to making money online then you know that there are several opportunities which you can make some extra green. For everyone who don't know nothing about making money online. I can give you some opportunities to start making a buck.

The most famous online money maker is affiliate marketing, what is affiliate marketing that is that you get a cut if you sell a product of someone Else. This also called commission.The most famous online market place for affiliate marketers is the Clickbank. At this site you can open an account and you get a unique referral code of the product you like to sell.

Personally I am very interested in affiliate marketing, but I prefer blogging to make money online. Why I prefer blogging is if you want to start with affiliate marketing you need some money to invest. Unlike blogging, you can start a blog for free at Blogger. Then you can sign up for free at get paid to blog sites such as BLOGGERWAVE and PAY PER POST.COM
With blogging I am going to make some money to invest in other online money making projects. I think blogging is great.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It a huge amount I missed today at Pay Per Post. Today I logged in at Pay Per Post, there was a opportunity which was qualified, but it was already been reserved by all the Posties. Man this is a real wonderful chance to boost my blogging earnings.

I think it is crucial to check out the opportunities at Pay Per Post. I think this is the greatest get-paid-to-blog site. I have now made about 65 USD this month only with Pay Per Post. This site offers me real a good deal of assignments, that even with out any PR. This blog is PR 1, but this blog is not approved for PPP.

My other blog RAP WITH AN ATTITUDE got approved for PPP market place. I am happy that at least one of my blogs approved for the PPP market place. I am working on to get the page rank higher of my blog Rap with an attitude
I hope I will get more opportunities soon at PPP.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Just like Krs-One said 'You must learn' That is exactly what I am going to do. I was a while ago in a town near where we live for some Red Cross activities. At this community center I saw a flyer with some information about a web design course.
This flyer got my attention. I took the flyer with me. Once home I red the flyer.
Then I decided to follow the webdesign course which this community center offers.

Since January this year I got into making money online. I was looking for a part time job. Making money online is a way to make money. On blogs and sites I found so much free information, that I decided to start with blogging to make online.
I have no regrets that I started bloging.

Blogging is a great way to start making money online. I am actually blogging to make money to invest in other online money making projects such as affiliate marketing.
This is why I want to learn web designing. I think this course is going to be so much fun. I am learning to utilize my knowledge to make money online. I think this course is going to be a great investment to make money online.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I found this great site which offers you the best s.e.o tool on the net. I analyzed my blogs at these site. I found out how I can get more visitors and eventually make more money. I think this site offers a great opportunity for everyone who want to do some s.e.o.

This site offers you the possibilaty to analyze your site to the fullest. You can do a site check up on your site or blog, this site offers you the opportunity to do a meta tag analyze, link check, a real page rank check and you can also do a Alexa check.

You can do a site optimization. You can check out how you rank in the search engines. You can do a check link popularity. You also can find out how your competition is performing. Go to RANKING TODAY and find out what this site can do for you.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


A while ago I signed up for A.W surveys. I made a little more than $30. I think this is a great site to make some extra cash. What you have to do is review websites, you got to give your opinion in few sentenceses.

I reviewed very famous sites. I thought this site is a scam, But now I can say this is not a scam. They have frequently review offers. Click on the banner to sign up for free and get a $6 welcome offer. The pay-out limit is $75. You can get paid through Pay Pal or through check.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I think if you want your visitors to come back to your website or blog it must be attractive for visitors to view. At blogger you got enough choice. There are always better looking ones. I prefer this template for my blog, because this template fits my blog's URL.

I found this site GOLD FISH this site offers info on how you can start a online business. I think you got to check out the free web template page it contains more than 2000 web templates.

I think the site site has poor content. For the money making tutorials you do not have to be here. For the web templates it is the place to be. If you are looking for new, fresh looking templates give the site a visit.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I am happy, because this blog got approved for BLOGITIVE. I submitted this blog to many review sites, now it is starting to work out. I am so amazed of my self that I am so patient, this is a good thing. I remain full of hope how I am going to make money online.I think this blog will make me more cash this month than the month of July.

I never thought that blogging would be a piece of cake. I love looking for new ideas on the net to make money online. I will keep you all up-to-date with new ideas.
I think I am not making fast cash online. It is real fun making this humble amount I am making.

I wish I had more time, so that I can blog and write longer posts.This month I made $56, this is only a beginning. I hope anyone who wants to make money online will not be dissapointed, because they can not make the first $100 in the first week.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I got some great news if you are running a business. Go to AdSymetrix and find out more. Anybody running a business need to advertise to compete to stay ahead of your compitition. Often business owners advertise, some times you can not track or monitor what the effects are when you advertise.

It would be real great for a business to track what the effects are, and who reacts on your advertisment. This also gives your company more clear idea on how you can get the best profits out of your advertising campagne.

ADSYMERIX offers user friendly tools which make advertisers able to track and monitor the effectiveness of any ad you set up and place anywhere. This tracking tools show the advertisers to know who, how and where people are responding to their ads. Calls, clicks or e-mails. Tracking e-mails and clicks are free. Click on the link for a AdSymetrix Signup.

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Monday, August 6, 2007


I am back with another great site that can offer you great money making ideas. I think visiting this site is really worth your while. Here you can find about anything on making money online either it is affiliate marketing, blogging, drop shipping you name it they have info on any topic you name.

The site offers a forum. The site offers a market place. At this market place you can sell domains. Sell templates or you can buy links or sell your link. You can sell your website or you can find blogger jobs. I like coming here and checking out some info about making money online.

You can post your assignment at EARNERS FORUM people can check out who wants to work for and can contact you if they agree with the amount you offer for a certain job.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I am really glad, because my first $20 Pay Per Post assignment got approved. I have been waiting for 4 months till this moment. I knew that my investments will be rewarded. I actually only invested time and effort in blogging. I started with blogging, because I like writing and I want to share my thoughts and ideas with other people. There are so much honest people online who are giving you a lot of info on how to make money online.

I red in a blog post that I could make money blogging. I knew that I didn't have to buy all the promises of getting-rich-quik scams. I knew that making money online is not a myth. I am glad that I didn't quit or gave up on blogging. I never hesitated a moment that I could make an additional income through blogging.

I remain hopeful because I know my online income will increase in the near future.
I keep blogging.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


I am happy, you know why? this blog got a Google page rank of 1 out of ten. I was constanly wondering how I am going to make money without any page rank. I submitted this blog to free blog directories and search engines.The most posts I red about PR is about buying links from sites with a high PR. I red a blog post today, the author was recommending readers to submit to high PR diectories for a fee, the prices went up in $200 per year.

I think this is so rediculous, because most of the bloggers do not have that kind of start up money. I think you should try to get into free directories and search engines. There are enough free software on the web available you can download to submit your site for free to the search engines. I have not spend one dime to get PR 1.

If you have couple of bucks to invest in search engine optimization you can try. I think after you made 150 bucks you can use a bit by bit to buy links or what ever.
If you want a free website submitter software go to WEBCEO

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Maybe you heard of this free software,maybe you didn't, anyway. This is some great news for everyone, who want to build a website in easy to follow steps. I know there are very expensive software out there which you can learn. This software is free and you can learn it without any problem.

I am giving you this info for free, I am not an affiliate for this company, so I do not make anything out of this I do not have to. You also can download a free e-book which will teach you to get high conversions. You can become a affiliate reading this e-book. You can set up a website with the software, which offers.

The free webdesign software has some great features, you can check out the video on the site.
This is a limited time offer. So, hurry up and get your free copy at
I got an e-mail from a affiliate marketeer about this great offer. I already downloaded the free copy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


SHARE A SALE is a site which hook you up with businesses,which is looking for affiliates who are getting a cut after you made a sale as an affiliate. You can sign up for free with SHARE A SALE. There are enough businesses who are looking for affiliates. If you are looking for an additional income this site is worth a try.As an affiliate there are plenty of products you can market.

Not only affiliates can sign up also merchants can sign up to get connected with affiliates.If you have a product of your own you want affiliates to market your product, then this is the place to be. When you upload your banner, affiliates can place this on their website. As a merchant you pick the amount you want to pay to your affiliates per sale.For more info check out